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Our Name is our Mission!

IN-PERSON + HANDS-ON Teambuilding Activities
intentionally designed just for your Team.

Let’s level up

The most modern, cutting – edge Training around.
Great Teamwork is your Key to Success.
Let us show you how to be a Success!

Corporate Activities for Team Building at Work

Level Up Teambuilding is a group of highly experienced and professional corporate facilitators dedicated to increasing workplace camaraderie, employee engagement, company culture, collaboration, inspire productivity, motivation and lots more via interactive and social events.

Provide your employees with an exclusive corporate event and all advantages of our customized, high performance Team Building activities. Get the intended results while everyone creates shared memories and has a good laugh.

Because of our professional and friendly approach, we are able to collaborate directly with customers to provide the ideal event and create unforgettable experiences.
Our Employee Building Activities in New Brunswick use only the best ideology to give top-notch fun. Health and safety are top priorities for us as responsible activity providers.


It’s time to inject some fun into your next team bonding event!

There are tons of teambuilding activities to choose from including workshops, online and traditional.

Team Building with challenging yet fun Events is the perfect way to shake things up and energize your group to really take your workplace culture to the next level!

Activities for Team Building at Work
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Employee Building Activities New Brunswick
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Career rehabilitation

An unexpected job loss, a medical emergency, a divorce, out-of-control spending, an unscrupulous business partner or bullying at work –

there are a great deal of things that can lead to anxiety, bankruptcy or similar.

However, whether your crisis was avoidable or not, most people dealing with such issues struggle with feelings of anger, guilt and shame. Because they feel like […]

Mind over Matter

What is Fire & Glass Walking?

Firewakling has been practiced by different cultures and tribes all over the world, often used for rites of Healing, Initiation, and Faith.
Use the transforming power of fire for your own transformation.
It is one of the best metaphors for your Life’s challenges.

Catch yourself thinking: “No way, that’s not possible! I don’t need that challenge. I’m not ready. All I need is my coffee in the morning, that’s good enough for me… “
That’s your beliefs holding you down and preventing you from achieving something Great!
Something Big! Something New!

Yet the only Key to Success is Personal Growth.
Glass Walking gives people a real opportunity to practice being present, being focused and living in the moment. We will show you and your colleagues exactly how to do it and then you can all have a go. It is an excellent opportunity to become aware of the negative talk in your head and change it from “I can’t” to “I can”.

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