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Level Up Teambuilding
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Transforming Teams -
Unleashing Potential​

At Level Up Teambuilding, we believe in the transformative power of our activities. They are not just exercises but catalysts for Personal and Professional Growth.

Our programs can be customized to align perfectly with your company’s ethos, leadership models, or team specifications.

We employ techniques and activities that are consistently practiced in Europe and the United States and are highly competitive in those regions.

We help pushing teams past their limits to explore uncharted territories of success.

Our programs are meticulously crafted to develop mental toughness, preparing individuals to be motivated, focused, and emotionally resilient – essential qualities for any high-stakes environment.

Teams who have experienced the transformative power of our training bring newfound skills, trust, resilience and growth mindset.

Level Up Teambuilding
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Activities for Team Building at Work
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Get ready to inject some fun into your next team-building event!

With tons of teambuilding activities and event ideas to choose from, including workshops, online and traditional, we’ve got something for everyone.

Team Building with challenging yet fun Team Events is the perfect way to shake things up and energize your group to really take your workplace culture and team bonding to the next level!

Our Premium Service:
Harness the Power of MIND over Matter

Fire-walking, Rebar bending and more…

Firewalking has been practiced by different cultures and tribes all over the world, often used for rites of Healing, Initiation, and Faith.
Use the transforming power of fire for your own transformation.
It is one of the best metaphors for your Life’s challenges.

Catch yourself thinking: “No way, that’s not possible! I don’t need that challenge. I’m not ready. All I need is my coffee in the morning, that’s good enough for me… “
That’s your beliefs holding you down and preventing you from achieving something GREAT! Something BIG! Something NEW!

Yet the only Key to Success is Personal Growth.
Glass Walking gives people a real opportunity to practice being present, being focused and living in the moment. We will show you and your colleagues exactly how to do it and then you can all have a go. It is an excellent opportunity to become aware of the negative talk in your head and change it from “I can’t” to “I can”.

Employee Team Building Events
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Level Up Teambuilding
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Corporate Activites for Team Building at Work:

Level Up Teambuilding comprises a team of highly experienced and professional corporate facilitators committed to fostering workplace camaraderie, boosting employee engagement, enhancing company culture, and promoting collaboration, productivity, motivation, and more through interactive and social events.

Treat your employees to an exclusive corporate team event and reap the benefits of our customized Team Building activities. Achieve your desired outcomes while everyone builds shared memories and enjoys laughter.

Thanks to our professional and personable approach, we collaborate directly with clients to deliver the perfect, enjoyable event and craft unforgettable experiences. Our Employee Building Activities in New Brunswick adhere to the highest standards, ensuring top-notch fun. Safety and well-being are paramount during all our teambuilding activities, as we take our responsibility as activity providers seriously.

Why Choose Professional Teambuilding?

  1. Foster New Connections: We mix up the groups to encourage team members to get to know each other on a personal level, not just bonding with those they usually stick with.

  2. Create Lasting Memories: Our team activities involve unique and thrilling situations that create lifetime memories. These shared experiences will give your team something to reminisce, talk, and laugh about whenever they see each other again.

  3. Inclusive Participation: We ensure that each team member is included according to their comfort level, unlike typical teambonding events such as dining out, casino evenings, or bowling.

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