What do we offer?

Each of the six product categories contain plenty of activities we can offer.
Feel free to dive in to some of the activities to get an idea. Depending on the
outcome you'd like to achieve, we will find the perfect program for you.

Team & Event Entertainment

Looking to increase Team Culture & Camaraderie?
To boost Team Dynamic and inject some Fun into your Event?

We have the right Entertainment for your Event like Corporate Christmas Parties or Team Incentives, Birthday Parties or even Weddings – for an hour or two!

Cheer your team with fun & competitive Team activities like
Soapbox Building Challenges or other creative competitions, Olympic Games, Escape Box, Scavenger Hunt, Trivia, Murder Mystery and more.

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Corporate Teambuilding/ Team Development

It’s time to inject some fun into your next team bonding event!
The perfect activities for high performance teams or those who will be soon.

With tons of different team building activities to choose from including workshops and traditional, corporate Team Building Events like that are the perfect way to shake things up and energize your group to really take your workplace culture to the next level!

From 1.5 hours over half a day up to a mulit-day program which builds on each other, spread over weeks or months. Whatever it takes for your team to achieve the desired outcome and even more, we will develop the right schedule together with and for you.

Mind over Matter

What is Fire & Glass Walking?

Firewakling has been practiced by different cultures and tribes all over the world, often used for rites of Healing, Initiation, and Faith. It is one of the best metaphors for your Life’s challenges. Catch yourself thinking: “No way, that’s not possible! I don’t need that challenge. I’m not ready. All I need is my coffee in the morning, that’s good enough for me… “ That’s your beliefs holding you down and preventing you from achieving something Great! Something Big! Something New!

Yet the only Key to Success is Personal Growth. Glass Walking gives people a real opportunity to practice being present, being focused and living in the moment. We will show you and your colleagues exactly how to do it and then you can all have a go. It is an excellent opportunity to become aware of the negative talk in your head and change it from “I can’t” to “I can”.