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Fire Walking Canada

Fire Walking Team Building Canada
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Until you dare to take on new challenges, you wouldn’t discover your full potential.  (Bernard Kelvin Clive)

It’s not only about pushing your limits – it’s also about embracing your limitations.
Embracing discomfort is the first step towards personal growth. If you find yourself always contemplating what could’ve been and wondering why you’re always holding yourself back, this experience will help dismantle the regressive ideas that limit you.
Sometimes, it’s important to remind yourself that you have to abandon your anxiety to truly experience life in all its glory.

A Bare-Feet Walk over Hot Coals in Canada is a remarkable, impressive experience that helps you to take the next step in your personal growth experience to improve your awareness, your self-confidence, master your focus, conquer your goals, become a better decision-maker, problem solver & more.

Like completing an Iron man, you’ll experience a feeling of incredibly intense Pride, Transformation, inner Strength and much more at this extraordinary Fire Walk Event in Canada.
Certainly a unique Experience that lasts a few seconds but gives you a memory that is cherished forever.

and find the NEW "YOU".

Have you ever wondered how freeing it would be to turn your anxieties into opportunities?
To let go of other people’s expectations of you and actually start living YOUR life?
To work on your mental ability to increase your top performance even more?
Then you’ve come to the right place!
Get in touch with us to realize your true potential.


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Fire-walking FAQ's:

Firewalking revolves around harnessing your inner potential through targeted mental exercises, akin to those practiced by elite athletes. By activating your mental strengths, you can transcend perceived limits and conquer fears and obstacles more effectively in daily life. It’s an immediate test of your mental resilience.

Firewalking appeals to those seeking enhanced focus, mental strength, problem-solving abilities, and a surge of energy in life. It’s ideal for individuals aiming to bolster team cohesion uniquely and intensely, while pushing their boundaries toward success.

The event spans 4 to 4.5 hours, guided by experienced facilitators who initiate group bonding and delve into mental preparation. Participants engage in mental exercises akin to those employed by elite athletes, transforming fear into confidence. The walk serves as a symbolic finale, affirming a shifted mindset capable of conquering challenges.

Fire coals typically range from 500 to 800°C. Modern physics explains the phenomenon, detailing how brief contact with the coals doesn’t lead to burns due to poor heat conduction and the principles of thermodynamics.

No specific preparations are required. Attendees are encouraged to wear comfortable attire and approach the experience with an open mind, ready to adopt transformative mindset shifts.

Currently, Level Up Teambuilding hosts Firewalking events throughout The Maritimes in Atlantic Canada.

This question often arises, comparable to concerns about the dangers of cycling. Just as following safety guidelines minimizes risks in cycling, the same principle applies to Firewalking. Safety is paramount! Extensive mental training precedes the walk, ensuring participants are well-prepared, fully ready and safe. All our facilitators are experienced and equipped with first aid training. Primary and crucial rule: Every participant must remain sober and free from any influence to ensure complete focus.

Absolutely. The emphasis lies on mental strength development and its application, with the walk serving as a reinforcement. Those not feeling ready to walk post-mental training will be respected.

Generally, no burns occur under experienced guidance. However, participants may experience minor blisters, swiftly healing, akin to those from ill-fitting shoes. Safety protocols and first aid are in place, ensuring a respectfully prepared Firewalk poses minimal risk compared to other activities.



Too much uncertainty can lead to anxiety and lack of productivity. Yet in having too much certainty, you won’t fulfill your need for personal growth and new experiences.

So how can you achieve the right balance?

It’s all about knowing yourself. Get to know yourself in pushing your limits and then embracing your limitations.
Pushing your boundaries in regular, positive ways allows you to easily adapt to new situations and makes you more productive, confident, a better problem-solver and decision-maker. It will give you new perspectives and the confidence to make positive changes.

We will help you to appreciate the present, be more mindful, and turn anxieties into opportunities for self-growth.

We’ll guide you along the way and give you the right tools you need – for the future you desire.

Rise like a Phoenix from the ashes…

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